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Professional contract cleaning for your private offices and communal areas

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Probably the most important message a client can give their customers will be a clean and tidy building. The importance of high standards in modern facilities cannot be underestimated. Customers, employees and the public expect excellent levels of cleanliness and hygiene at all times, one bad experience can have a lasting negative effect  on your business.

As a leading contract cleaning company serving London and the M25 corridor we are passionate about providing our clients which include schools, offices, medical centres (to CQC standards), housing associations and property management companies with a clean and hygienic environment that provides all who make use of the property with the reassurance that their welfare and comfort is of paramount importance – we understand that first impressions matter and as importantly that you only get one chance to make it!

Covid-19 Fogging For Buildings

As a company that has as its core value the provision of safe and hygienic environments to live and work in, we are committed to ensure that we face the challenges that we are currently facing under the Covid-19 pandemic by providing a specialist deep cleaning and sanitisation service.

Our foremost objectives is to provide our clients with peace of mind, which in these challenging times involves tackling the threat of Coronavirus/Covid-19 head-on. We provide our disinfection services to nurseries, primary schools, medical centres, residential blocks, offices etc, using viricidal products to significantly reduce the danger that surfaces that may be contaminated with Covid-19 present. We start by cleaning and removing any debris that may be present and wiping down surfaces with disinfects before using a fogger – this is a specialist ULV (ultra-low volume) machine that produces a fine mist which suspends the sterilising fluid in the air before settling on surfaces with an electrostatic charge that leaves a residual coating that will kill all bacteria and viruses that it comes into contact with.

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Fogging is a cost effective decontamination technique as it allows large areas to be disinfected relatively quickly with minimal disruption, whilst producing immediate results.

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